Lenore -the cute little Dead Girl-
What can I say? This is the first time I've gone insane about an American comic character. (Other than Garfield)
I'm even seriously considering getting a Lenore doll. (which costs 50 bucks...^^;) 

The best thing about Lenore is... Dingding, the funny things! Lol! It's full of violence (then again,what is not?) in such a cute way. It's funny in a dark way, I might add. Personal preference is Leap Froggie, which features a tragedy/mishap from playing Leap Froggie. Another is the skipping rope incident, whereby Lenore takes some food for thought, and accidentally... Um, I won't spoil the fun for you. You have to read it!

Oh yeah. Lenore's daddy is Roman Dirge. Lol, this guy's head is a bit messed up, but we all like it that way. After all, whose head isnt? The "Things involving me" cameos in the comics are funny as hell. A quote: "Cigarette + eye = bad" ^^; 

Characters with Lenore and certain frozen scenes:

Lenore Ragamuffin Taxidermy
Mr Gosh Kitty Malakai
Bloaty Froggie

Other than the Lenore's adventures endured by Lenore and her "friends", we also have other stuff. For example, Skinless is one of my favorite episode! I like the way things turn out, and such. Also, The Boy Without His Heart, and Tormented, these are all episodes w/o Lenore, yet with a taste of Mr Dirge's humor/twisted expression.

Characters without Lenore and certain frozen scenes:

Soilent Green Crooked Man Tormented guy
Boy w/o heart Last robot Frito
Samurai Sloth Skinless "Things Involving Me"
Lady Bug

And here's a bit of my craziness: 
Fanart/comic strips

disclaimer: all the pictures in this page and its links (except for the "backie" thing) are scanned from Noogies and Lenore's subsequent issues.
They belong to Mr Roman Dirge, not me... except the fanart/fancomic of course.

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