Lenore -the cute little Dead Girl-
Our Mr Gosh... is that a no?
Mr Gosh
Here is the ever-feared Mr Gosh, the sock-puppet/lover-from-hell!
thunk, thunkthunk
He is known for his persistant endurance for pain... He gets back from the grave! Even after being mowed in the head 164 times, even after all the 8inch blades in his head, even after Lenore set his head on fire... He still doesn't get it. X_x So which is worse, to be loved or not be loved? Mr Gosh shows the horror of one-sided relationships!
uhm... .lack of love? ...alittle more than that I'm afraid...
Of course, that aside, I think he's cute, and personally bow down to his thick-headedness. Also, I love the way Lenore treats him! (starts singing 'Taste Of Love'-- "you treat me like a dog")